Community Outreach

Ministry Partners

Some of the people we partner with to keep spreading the name of Jesus around the world, a few of our Ministry Partners:

Work in our Community

We have plenty of people in our community that could use a hand with minor things, so we try to show Jesus to them by helping.

NWA for the Nations

A Group that brings all the mission minded organization in north west Arkansas together to both meet each other and those who might be interested. 

 Helping out the city

We have a fantastic location in the city, so we always try to open up our door for the community to use our space. As well as help out with any event going on in town.

Community Night

Here is where we invite the whole town over to hear what God has to say, every Tuesday night at 6:30 we have what we call Community Night here at the Light House (115 E University Av, Siloam Springs, AR 72761), it's a time to come together for worship, prayer, fun and fellowship. Everyone is welcome! 

Evangelism Night 

We have started an outreach in our city that we call Evangelism Night. It's just a time when those who can get together and spread the name of Jesus to the community.

International Students

We are an international group, so we like to have some of the international students from the local university over for some fun when we can.