Join YWAM Staff

A Call to Serve, Lead, and Impact!

Ready to be a part of something impactful? Start your journey with YWAM Oak Haven. Join us in serving, leading, and being a catalyst for positive change!

Diverse Opportunities for Service

Are you passionate about serving and making a difference? Join our dynamic team at YWAM Oak Haven, where you can contribute your skills in various areas such as handyman work, marketing, fundraising, administration, graphic design, worship leadership, and more. We only ask for a commitment of four hours per week, making it flexible for you to lend your expertise and time. Your unique talents are invaluable in supporting our mission to create positive change in the community.

Staffing Opportunities for DTS Graduates

If you've successfully completed your YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), we invite you to take the next step by joining our staff. Whether it's leading or assisting in DTS programs, contributing to office management, or overseeing meals, there are various roles awaiting your leadership. Your DTS experience has equipped you with valuable insights, and we believe your involvement as staff can be transformative for both you and the community. Contact us to explore how you can play a vital role in our mission.

Live with Purpose

As a YWAMer, you'll find yourself in incredible situations with amazing people. The opportunities are diverse, from teaching English to providing medical aid in places that need it most. You get to pursue your dreams and passions, possibly falling in love with a country you never expected. Whether playing football in a foreign land, enjoying coffee on a rooftop, or performing everyday tasks like scrubbing floors or cooking for children, you're making a difference. It's about crossing bridges, making friends, showing God's love, and embodying the spirit of Jesus. In the end, as you reflect on the amazing things you've done for God, you may not fully comprehend how you got there, but rest assured, God is right beside you—especially in the ordinary places with ordinary people, guiding you to do extraordinary things for Him.

How to Apply

To join YWAM staff you first need to complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS). DTS is the prerequisite to all our other training and opportunities and is offered at over 200 locations around the world.

To apply for a staff position at YWAM Oak Haven, press the button below and fill out the contact information. One of our amazing staff members will reach out to discuss your passions and skill sets and provide additional details on positions available.